Will Home school Kids lack social skills? (Part 2)

>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your child might lack social skills if you put them in a room and lock the door and never let them out. Most home schooled kids that I have dealt with get social skills other ways. There are many other ways that a child can get social skills other than at school. They can be involved with a youth group at church. They can play sports outside of school. My sister who home schooled three of her kids had them all on a swim team. Why is it that people feel the only place to get social skills is to send them to school? Do you want your child to believe what everybody believes? Is that why you send them to school? If you are home schooled by good parents who teach you strong values, you will have the tools to reject the corruption of the mass society, and I doubt you really want your child to believe what the mass society tells them to believe. When a parent decides to home school their child, that doesn't mean that their child will be sheltered from society. They just won't be subjected to the brainwashing perpetrated by our educational system. I have known many kids who went to public school who lacked serious social skills especially kids who are picked on or teased. A friend of mine said that kids need to learn to deal getting picked on to know how to handle it. I disagree with that statement. Most people who are picked on don't learn to deal with it in School. After High School, they probably won't be subjected to that kind of treatment anymore anyway. If many kids in public schools lack social skills, then why do you assume that you need to send you child to school to get social skills?
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