Radioactive Dating, Carbon Dating and the Age of Earth

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

Many people have a serious misconception concerning dating methods. When I took an Astronomy class in college the teacher, who has a PHD in Astronomy, asked a question on how old the students thought the age of the earth was. I already knew what she was going to say which was somewhere in the billions of years. I raised my hand and said that some scientist believe that the earth is young. She started asking me questions and one of the questions was, "What about carbon 14 dating?" That is along the lines of common misconceptions even among scientists.

Carbon 14 can't be used to date the universe or the earth at all. If it is going to date anything, it can only date it up to about 50,000 years. Another misconception that people have is that carbon 14 can date anything. Carbon 14 can only date something that at one time was living.

For C-14 dating the conditions are:

1. The material to be dated must be organic
2. The organism to be tested must have gotten its C-14 from the atmosphere
3. The sample has remained chemically and physically a closed system since its emplacement.
4. That we know what the atmospheric concentration of C-14 was when the
organism lived.

Radioactive dating is the method that was used to date the age of the earth.

Evolutionist make many assumptions when it comes to radioactive dating. They assume that lead in a rock was produced by the decay of its uranium. They assume that the amount can be accurately estimated. They also assume that the material being measured has been in a closed system. They assume that no outside factors altered the normal ratio in the material. Even after 10,000 years, you should assume that something might have altered the material in the object that is being tested. They assume that the rate of decomposition has always remained constant.

The evolutionist claim that the age of the earth is 4.5 billion years old. The scientists jump to huge assumptions to support their far fetch theory and it seems that many people just don't want to question them. The evolutionist want to look at Christians as being lunatics, but the only difference between the evolutionist and the Christian is that Christians worship a Creator, and the evolutionist worships science.

"The belief that species are immutable [unchangeable] productions was almost unavoidable as long as the history of the world was thought to be of short duration."—*Charles Darwin, Origin of the Species (conclusion to second edition).


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