Radiometric Dating Part 4

>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There is a common misunderstanding that radiometric dating systems have confirmed the age of the earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Radiometric dating systems are purported to give ages in the billions of years for the earth’s primary rocks. However, these methods are entirely unreliable giving errors of magnitude. The New Encyclopedia Britannica states that the picture for radiometric accuracy is “gloomy”. Rare attempts to apply multiple radiometric dating methods where mother and daughter elements are both present to rocks from the same stratum “almost always” give disparate dates.
“The uranium-thorium to helium-lead” methods of radiometric dating have been “pushed into the background” due to the “limited applicability and questionable reliability” of these methods. The decomposition of potassium-40 into two daughter elements: argon-40 and calcium-40 is equally fraught with problems.

Among potential wrong assumptions in establishing a date for a rock sample is the original presence of daughter elements. For example calcium-40, a daughter element of potassium-40 decomposition, is abundantly available in the earth’s surface. Only a fraction of this element can be attributed to the decomposition of potassium-40. Therefore, the presence of calcium-40 cannot be used to demonstrate the age of anything.

A second false assumption is that the decomposition processes have remained constant over billions of years. We have not even scientifically observed these processes with any accuracy for 50 years. How can we extrapolate that things have not changed over hundreds of millions or billions of years when we know that stasis of the environment cannot be true? There are many potential variables and conditions that may prove to accelerate or decelerate the nuclear decay processes.

A third problem is that contamination of rock samples is unavoidable. There are many ways that mother, or daughter elements can be falsely introduced or leaked away. Potassium, for example, is water soluble and very reactive. What is to prevent it from being leached out, or being washed into a sample? Besides calcium-40, the other daughter element in the potassium-40 decomposition process, is argon-40. This is the daughter element normally used for dating purposes. Argon is a gas that can easily escape into the atmosphere! If argon escapes into the air, then how will dates based upon its absence or presence be reliable? These and other sources of error make these radiometric systems entirely useless in the study of the age of the earth.
(These notes and quotes were extracted from The New Encyclopædia Britannica,
Chicago, 1989, vol. 19, macropædia section on Geochronology pp. 785-789)

Besides the theoretical problems, actual measurements usually give anomalous dates for rock samples. This phenomenon is well documented. In one example volcanic rocks, known to have formed in the last 200 years, gave the bizarre age of 3,000,000 years. Clearly radiometric dating methods are useless as instruments to estimate the age of the earth.

On the other hand there are evidences that certain radiometric processes would indicate a young age for the earth. For example, helium isotopes are a by-product of uranium and other natural radioactive decay. Assuming that 100% of the helium in the earth’s atmosphere is the by-product of radioactive decay, and assuming current rates, then the earth’s atmosphere can be no more than 40,000 years old.

Unlike other radiometric dating systems, carbon fourteen (14C ) dating has a demonstrated validity, but only for relatively recent events. The most optimistic of scientists would not extrapolate 14C dating validity beyond 40,000 years. It is highly accurate for several thousand years. The older the dates, the less their reliability. The same kinds of questions posed for the other radiometric dating systems apply here. What was the ratio of mother to daughter elements in the beginning? Have conditions remained constant? Has contamination occurred? Due to evolutionary bias about the age of the earth, 14C dating is not normally applied to date strata where other radiometric methods might be considered. However, it would be interesting to apply radiocarbon dating to coal and oil deposits, or to the dinosaur tissue recently discovered in China (see next post).

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Evolutionary Fraud Part 3

>> Saturday, October 23, 2010

In my Part 2 post, one evolutionist said that Creationist are always changing their data, but that Evolutionist have never presented lies. The above article is about the Coelocanth which was theorized to be a "walking fish", and the ancestor of land vertebrates. However, it seems to be just a fish with an extra pair of fins. It is a bottom feeder like the catfish. This is just one example of the misrepresentation of the evolutionary facts.

Lets discuss other evolutionary frauds.

Nebraska Man: Developed from a single tooth.

Java Man: Only a skullcap, three teeth and a femur was found. The femur was found 50 feet away.

Orce man: One year later after it was found, officials said the skull most likely came from a 4 month old donkey.

Neanderthal: recognized to be just as human as us.

Lucy is a Fabrication of disarticulated & geographically separated bones of more than 30 individual skeletons, most of which may not be hominids at all.

You also might want to read about the Yale DNA Hybridization scandal.

The only thing the evolutionist in my prior post would say is how much he studied evolution, but the truth is, he was just brainwashed.

Do evolutionist even admit their fraud? Of course not! However, they keep pushing their Atheistic view point trying to deceive the masses with their false science.

This is only a small list however. The evolutionist are constantly misrepresenting the facts.

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The Truth Behind the Jehovah's Witnesses

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

This photograph is Charles Russell, the founder of the Jehovah's Witness church.

Here is a list of some of their doctrine that is contrary to the Bible.

1) They believe that only 144,000 will be resurrected to a heavenly life, but the rest will be dwelling on a paradise earth.
2) They do not believe in hell and interpret the story of the rich man and lazarus to be a parable, but not to be interpreted literally.
3) They do not believe in saluting the flag.
4) They do not believe in serving in the Military, however, I ran across some of them when I was in the Navy.
5) They are not interested in Political activity.
6) They do not celebrate holidays.
7) The JW's do not believe in blood transfusions:

“If you have reason to believe that a certain product contains blood or a blood fraction…if the label says that certain tablets contain hemoglobin…this is from blood...a Christian knows, without asking, that he should avoid such a preparation. - The Watchtower 11/01/1961, p. 669

Is it wrong to sustain life by administering a transfusion of blood or plasma or red cells or others of the component parts of the blood? Yes!...the prohibition includes "any blood at all." - Blood, Medicine and the Law of God, 1961, pp. 13, 14

However, they have changed their policy:

Watchtower Blood policy in 2006:
"...when it comes to fractions of any of the primary components, each Christian, after careful and prayerful meditation, must conscientiously decide for himself."
The Watchtower 2000; June 15:29-31

8) They have made a number of false prophecies:

1897 "Our Lord, the appointed King, is now present, since October 1874," Studies in the Scriptures, Vol. 4, page 621.

1899 "...the ‘battle of the great day of God Almighty' (Revelation 16:14), which will end in A.D. 1914 with the complete overthrow of earth's present rulership, is already commenced." The Time Is at Hand, page 101 (1908 edition).

1916 "The Bible chronology herein presented shows that the six great 1000 year days beginning with Adam are ended, and that the great 7th Day, the 1000 years of Christ's Reign, began in 1873." The Time Is at Hand, page ii, (forward).

1918 "Therefore we may confidently expect that 1925 will mark the return of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the faithful prophets of old, particularly those named by the Apostle in Hebrews 11, to the condition of human perfection." Millions Now Living Will Never Die, page 89.

1922 "The date 1925 is even more distinctly indicated by the Scriptures than 1914." The Watchtower 9/1/22, page 262.

1923 "Our thought is, that 1925 is definitely settled by the Scriptures. As to Noah, the Christian now has much more upon which to base his faith than Noah had upon which to base his faith in a coming deluge." The Watchtower, page 106 4/1/23.

1925 "The year 1925 is here. With great expectation Christians have looked forward to this year. Many have confidently expected that all members of the body of Christ will be changed to heavenly glory during this year. This may be accomplished. It may not be. In his own due time God will accomplish his purposes concerning his people. Christians should not be so deeply concerned about what may transpire this year." The Watchtower, 1/1/25, page. 3.

1925 "It is to be expected that Satan will try to inject into the minds of the consecrated, the thought that 1925 should see an end to the work." The Watchtower, Sept, 1925 page 262.

1926 "Some anticipated that the work would end in 1925, but the Lord did not state so. The difficulty was that the friends inflated their imaginations beyond reason; and that when their imaginations burst asunder, they were inclined to throw away everything." The Watchtower, page 232.

1931 "There was a measure of disappointment on the part of Jehovah's faithful ones on earth concerning the years 1917, 1918, and 1925, which disappointment lasted for a time...and they also learned to quit fixing dates." Vindication, page 338.

1941 "Receiving the gift, the marching children clasped it to them, not a toy or plaything for idle pleasure, but the Lord's provided instrument for most effective work in the remaining months before Armageddon." The Watchtower, 9/15/41, page 288.

1968 "True, there have been those in times past who predicted an ‘end to the world', even announcing a specific date. Yet nothing happened. The ‘end' did not come. They were guilty of false prophesying. Why? What was missing?.. Missing from such people were God's truths and evidence that he was using and guiding them." Awake, 10/8/68.

1968 "Why are you looking forward to 1975?" The Watchtower, 8/15/68, page 494.

9) In Broolyn, Charles Russell sold bushels of a wester wheat that was alleged to have marvelous properties. The wheat sold for sixty dollars a bushel. He also endorsed a sale of a cancer cure, a compound of chloride of zinc.

The Bible says that anybody who makes a false prophecy should be stoned to death. This organization is another cult that you should be aware of. Don't let yourself be brainwashed if you are thinking of joining this church. If you are already a member, you should spend sometime on your own seeking the truth.



>> Friday, October 1, 2010

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