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>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Historical & Anthropological Dating Part 7

Historical evidence from the Middle East and elsewhere, most notably: Genesis, Babylonian cuneiform tablets and Egyptian historical documents, date man’s existence with the formation of the earth at the time of creation. These sources suggest an age for the beginning of the universe from as little as 6,000 years. The youngest dates held for the age of the universe are both based upon the Hebrew scriptures. The Jewish calendar states that this is the year 5767 from creation, while Bishop Usher’s calculations from the same sources indicate that we are about 6003 years since the date of creation.

Malthusian theory predicted the geometric growth of human populations from the 18th century forward. His predictions have resulted true. If this theory were applied backward, the conclusions would suggest the recent advent of human society on the earth (in the thousands of years). The lack of evidence for burial grounds for Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal societies would similarly argue for the recent advent of man contradicting evolutionary estimates of more than 100,000 years for the origin of man.

Where are the human graveyards of the hundreds of millions of people that would have
lived and died over those multiple tens of thousands of years?

Clearly the antiquity of the earth has not been demonstrated!

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F1 Season Video Contest

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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The Theory of Evolution and Geological Dating Part 6

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

At current rates of 25 billion tons of mud per year in continental erosion, all of the earth’s crust would erode into the ocean within 25 million years. Yet, the estimated average depth of mud on the sea floor is only 400 meters. After several billion years, where are the thousands of meters of sediment? The last proposed catastrophic event in the evolutionary timescale was 65,000,000 years ago when the dinosaurs were theoretically buried in a flood. That event itself should have left great amounts of ocean sediment. Sixty five million years later the continents should have been completely washed away!

Similarly, water-soluble elements such as sodium are washing into the ocean at measured rates. After a billion years the oceans should be saturated with these salts or have reached a cycle of stasis where the amount entering is equal to the amount exiting. For many water-soluble elements the above expectations are not met. Often these measures will give maximum ages for the oceans in millions of years or less.

So-called “trace fossils” are believed to indicate the age of geologic strata. Certain trace fossils lead paleontologists to propose dates into the hundreds of millions of years for a stratum. However, this dating mechanism is arbitrary and patently false as demonstrated by the appearance of living samples. For example, the presence of Coelacanth fossils was assumed to indicate an average geologic age of 130,000,000 years, and a minimum age of 70,000,000 (i.e. 130,000,000 years +/- 60,000,000). In 1938 Coelacanth was found swimming in the Indian Ocean! It is a deep-sea fish that was not uncommon to the locals. Therefore, any stratum with Coelacanth fossils may now be dated at 130,000,000 years +/- 130,000,000. A similar find was the discovery in Australia of live Wollemi Pine trees. Wollemi Pine fossils were once used to demonstrate that a stratum belonged to the Jurassic age. These are but two of the many anomalous examples of false ages from fossils.

If the geologic column is found to be the result of a massive flood, then the strata are of recent origin, and the evidence for an evolutionary timescale is buried.

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Is The King James Version (KJV) The Best Bible to Use?

>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

There is a push in the Christian community that believes the only reliable Bible is the Kings James Version (KJV). When I first became a Christian, I had some friends who believed that any church who preaches from a Bible other than the KJV wasn't a Bible believing Church. It started bothering me when I started visiting churches who didn't preach from the KJV. As I started to mature in my Christian faith, I started realizing how judgemental that view really is. They claim not to be judgemental, but they make such a big issue about a church who doesn't preach from their approved Bible. Now don't get me wrong because there are versions of the Bible that are pretty secular and perverts the teachings of Jesus, but I think the most important thing in a Church is if the members are God fearing people who love the Lord, and follows his teachings. A church can be very Godly even if they preach out of the NIV version of the Bible.
The King James Only movement believes that the KJV and usually the Textus Receptus version of the New Testament and the Maxoretic Text of the Old Testament is the only correct translation of the Bible. They also sometimes believe that the KJV is the only inspired word of God.

James White has divided this Movement into 5 main types.
1) People who Like the KJV Best, but who do not believe that it is the only acceptable version.
2) People who believe that the KJV is the most accurate of the Bibles.
3) The "Received Text Only" would believe that the traditional Hebrew and Greek texts are believed to be supernaturally preserved.
4) The "Inspired" group believe that the KJV itself is divinely inspired by God. They claim that the KJV is the only Bible.
5) The "KJV As New Revelation" believes that the KJV is a new revelation from God, and should be the standard from which all other translations originate. There is also a view called "Ruckmanism" which would say that the original Greek and Hebrew can be corrected from the KJV.

1) If you believe that the KJV is inspired, then which version was inspired? The last version came out in 1769. The original KJV included the Apocrypha so was that Bible inspired?
2) What Bible was inspired before 1611 when there was no Bible?
3) If God always gives the world his word in one language (English), then the KJV is certainly not that language, for God chose Greek, not English to reveal his Revelation.
4) If the Textus Receptus(TR) is the error free text, then why are the last 6 verses of Revelation absence from the TR, yet present in the KJV?
5) How can you accept that the Textus Receptus is perfect and error free when Acts 9:6 is found only in the Latin Vulgate but absolutely no Greek manuscript known to man?
6) In Revelation 22:19 the phrase "book of life" is used in the KJV when absolutely All known Greek manuscripts read "tree of life"?
7) How can we trust the TR to be 100 error free when the second half of 1 Jn 5:8 are found only in the Latin Vulgate and a Greek manuscript probably written in Oxford about 1520 by a Franciscan friar named Froy.

God inspired the original writers of the Bible, and how the Bible gets translated is up to man. There is nowhere in the Bible where God says you must use the KJV Bible.
I would be more concerned about living a Christian life and doing Gods will, not what Bible I use. Every Bible has issues with it. There are issues with the KJV and there are issues with other version of the Bible. If I were you, I wouldn't get so caught up in this movement.


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>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Best Google Android Video App Now Launched

>> Monday, August 10, 2009

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Arthritis Pain Relief

>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

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Another Evolutionary Embarrassment Part 5

>> Friday, August 7, 2009

Here is another evolutionary embarrassment. The Evolutionists have found fossils for Crayfish that they have dated to be about 135 million years old. They later found fossils near Utah where they have dated the fossils to be around 220 million years old. Both of these fossil examples resemble in body structure the same as their modern descendants. This destroys the theory that crayfish evolved from lobsters. The fact is that these Crayfish didn't evolve at all. The next question I would ask is, "Did anything evolve?"


Where does your taste take you?

>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Mommy Makeover

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

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