Historical & Anthropological Dating Part 7

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Historical evidence from the Middle East and elsewhere, most notably: Genesis, Babylonian cuneiform tablets and Egyptian historical documents, date man’s existence with the formation of the earth at the time of creation. These sources suggest an age for the beginning of the universe from as little as 6,000 years. The youngest dates held for the age of the universe are both based upon the Hebrew scriptures. The Jewish calendar states that this is the year 5767 from creation, while Bishop Usher’s calculations from the same sources indicate that we are about 6003 years since the date of creation.

Malthusian theory predicted the geometric growth of human populations from the 18th century forward. His predictions have resulted true. If this theory were applied backward, the conclusions would suggest the recent advent of human society on the earth (in the thousands of years). The lack of evidence for burial grounds for Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal societies would similarly argue for the recent advent of man contradicting evolutionary estimates of more than 100,000 years for the origin of man.

Where are the human graveyards of the hundreds of millions of people that would have
lived and died over those multiple tens of thousands of years?

Clearly the antiquity of the earth has not been demonstrated!

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