>> Monday, March 5, 2012

There are a number of things that we see online each day. And with thousands of different websites in the internet, we can hardly keep up with the various things that we find interesting. Artists, painters and sculptors can find hundreds of images online that can inspire them the next time they create their own artwork. Parents can find helpful parenting articles, recipes and practical home improvement tips. For book lovers, the internet is an excellent source of book, magazines and other reading materials. From the classics, to the bestsellers, even to the most awaited new releases, a book lover can find everything and anything about books online. But with all the images, articles, recipes, books, magazines and other interesting and helpful things that we see online, it is hard to get everything organized. If you need a way to organize all the things that you see online and have a common place to go back to for easy reference, then clipix is the site for you. At Clipix, members can create clipboards where they can ‘clip’ every image, article or recipe that they find interesting online. They can create clipboards which they can categorize according to topic. They can refer to these clipboards anytime they need to. With clipix, they do not have to worry about where to find that recipe or new book that they want.


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