Will Homeschooled kids rebel after moving out of their parent's home (Part 3)?

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

This argument doesn't make much sense at all. Any kid can rebel and it doesn't matter if they were homeschooled or not. I actually think that if a person is older, they will have a better chance of withstanding peer pressure, and if the child isn't in high school anymore, there will be less peer pressure to withstand. Statistically, homeschooled kids outperform their counterparts.

“In 1997, a study of 5,402 homeschool students from 1,657 families was released. It was entitled, "Strengths of Their Own: Home Schoolers Across America." The study demonstrated that homeschoolers, on the average, out-performed their counterparts in the public schools by 30 to 37 percentile points in all subjects. A significant finding when analyzing the data for 8th graders was the evidence that homeschoolers who are homeschooled two or more years score substantially higher than students who have been homeschooled one year or less. The new homeschoolers were scoring on the average in the 59th percentile compared to students homeschooled the last two or more years who scored between 86th and 92nd percentile.”

(Part 4 coming soon)


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