Junk Science and Evolution

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

I noticed that my blog was placed in some Atheist forum on facebook to get other Atheists opinion whether scientist lie when it comes to their evolutionary theory. It is amazing to me how blinded people are when it comes to science. Do scientist lie? Have scientist ever lied? I do believe that scientist have their own agenda just like politicians. It is a common practice for politicians to lie, so why isn't it common practice for evolutionist to lie? Are the evolutionist completely up front with their evolutionary theory?

First, it is common knowledge that there is a lot of junk science floating around. John Stossel did a series on Junk Science on ABC in the late 1990s. Then there is global warming which is another fraud. When you have people like Al Gore coming out with documentaries about science, you have to wonder about the legitimacy of the science he is talking about especially since his video has known errors in it. One person on my blog said, "When did science become political?" Science has always been political. In the past, scientist have used everything from craniometry to phrenology to test that blacks were inferior to whites. When an environmentalist or another organization wants support, what do they do? They try and get science to back them up. If you can claim that it is scientific, nobody can dispute it.

The theory of Evolution is just as controversial and political as any other form of science. Scientist have an agenda when it comes to proving their theory as well. Since they are trying to get grants renewed, and win the noble prize, some scientist probably will do anything. There is also discrimination against any scientist who doesn't hold to the theory of evolution. So most scientist who might have a different theory won't even want to express it for fear of reprisal. This website lists the top ten junk science moments from Al Gore's fraud to the Stem cell controversy.

Now, you can blindly follow science that teaches man is worthless, that man just evolved and has no purpose, and that there isn't anything more intelligent than you, or you might sit back and realize that there is something more to life than living and dying. One person posted on my blog that if there wasn't religion, everything would be better. Do you remember the Rodney King riots? That is what the world would be like without God. God brings peace and love to the world, and Atheist brings selfishness and greed. If there wasn't any supreme being laying down the rules and laws for man, this world would be more chaotic then it is today. Most of the rules and laws that we abide by came originally from the Bible first.

Don't be blinded thinking that science is absolute because scientific theories are developed by man and many times there is a counter theory that might even make more sense and be more scientific.

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as
a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:"
1 Peter 5:8, KJV


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