Health Care Options vs. Obama Care

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conservatives are interested in health reform just as much as the democrats. The only problem is that we are concerned that handing our health coverage over to the government is going to make it worse. The company that I work for just got hit with a 37% health insurance increase which is insane. We definitely need health reform, but can Obama handle it better than private industry? What has the government actually handled correctly? There are many other options then having the government take complete control.

There should be other options that should be considered such as a Single-Payer plan like Canada health insurance, or the Nonprofit Multi-Payer plan like France. Maybe we should look at a Health Savings account, individual mandate plan or a Tax Credit plan. Have we thought about a Buy-in Option plan? You can read about these different plans here.

So why is Obama in such a rush to push his health care agenda? I find health insurance to be quite complicated and even Obama's bill is already over 1000 pages long written by lawyers. I am sure that most people wouldn't even understand it if they did read it.

I guess my big problem is that I don't trust the government because the government hasn't been looking out for the people for a long time. They are only interested in filling their own pockets and we see that over and over again. If social security is going bankrupt, then shouldn't we be concerned that maybe 50 years from now our government health care will also be bankrupt.

I think the government needs to take its time to reform health care and be conscious of what will be best for the people.


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