Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel is having a Cooking School weekend coming up October 16th and 17th. You will be able to see an awesome cooking demonstration with chef Nathan Reed. On Saturday you will be able to enjoy a four-course dinner, and you will learn how to prepare a meal that will be served the next morning. You will also be able to visit shops, boutiques, and restaurants. You might want to consider going to Branson for your next vacation to engage in golf or attend one of the 49 theaters. What appeals to me the most about Branson is being able to visit one of their awesome live entertainment events. I also look forward to staying at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel because it is in such a good location which is right next to a lot of entertainment and shopping areas. Since I love to cook, this Cooking School idea will be a great way for me to make me a better cook. What I am really looking forward to this cooking weekend is to learn how to prepare a gourmet meal that I can share with my family and friends. I would love to be able to cook a gourmet meal to entertain my guests especially the Wild Mushroom Risotto and Dried Cherry Vanilla Demi Glace. The Charcuterie and Cheese Display with Assorted Accompaniments sounds pretty appetizing too. You should check them out today.



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