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>> Saturday, June 6, 2009

Have you thought about what you need to do to look younger? The Scrubs website, a nurse's guide to good living, has some great articles from nurses on improving your health and helping you look younger. The article by Anita Bruzzese called, “Wake Up Looking Younger”, gives some great advice on how to look younger. She first mentions the importance of removing all makeup before going to bed, and she discusses the importance of moisturizing. I find that moisturizing is a very important thing to help people look younger. She discusses the importance of sleeping right, improving your dry and aged lips and removing that unwanted hair. I find this is great advice to improving your look. They have a great article for women called, “Makeup That Holds Up”, as well about how to keep your makeup on your face all day without making you look bad. One of the tips they mention is to start with a great foundation using tinted moisturizer. You should also brighten your eyes and add color with blush. They also have an article about Nails that can improve the look of your hands when the hospital work gives you bad looking hands. So if you are looking for some great information from nurses that can help you look younger and be healthier, you need to checkout the scrubs website.



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