Buzzirk Mobile unlimited MOBILE VOIP Phone

>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Are you looking for a great phone service? How about making some money with this phone service? Buzzirk Mobile from zer01 is launching their new phone service on July 1st for only $79.9 per month with no contracts and no credit checks. You will get unlimited minutes all the time including weekend and holidays. You will never have to worry about paying long distance or roaming charges, and you won’t have to pay any additional taxes and fees. Another exciting thing about Buzzirk mobile is that you can start your own business with it. The global verge condensed “Freedom” Compensation plan will allow you to get some compensation by creating your own business. You can purchase the $69.95 kit and the $39.95 autoship to get started. This will give you a great number of online marketing tools that can boom your Buzzirk Mobile business. You can start placing people in your organization right away with these two kits. You can checkout the website and watch some of the videos to get more information. So what are you waiting for? You should check them out now to see how you can get started with this great opportunity. You need to do it before July 1st when the program gets started.


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