Global Warming and the Theory of Evolution

>> Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have been accused on my blog of not supporting science because I am against the theory of evolution. That is because the theory of evolution is a fraud and shouldn't be called science. There is another theory that also has a political spin and that is the theory of Global Warming. I am not saying that the earth hasn't gotten a few degrees hotter, but I am saying that it is a natural phenomenon. In the 1970s, some people were claiming global cooling and now today they are claiming global warming to the point where they are passing laws that are going to crash our economy.

"I have compared global warming alarmism as a kind of religion, complete with its own versions of sin, repentance, atonement, ritual (kids go through recycling drills) and indulgence (purchase carbon offsets to compensate for your private jet travel). Now it turns out that there’s another element: a desire to kill heretics. Here’s a collection of calls for executions of “global warming deniers.” I don’t see any specifics on what method should be used. Burning at the stake, an old favorite, might produce too much in the way of carbon emissions. Lethal injection might require use of petrochemicals produced from carbon-emitting fossile fuels. Perhaps hanging by the neck until dead with a noose made of natural fibers produced on a certified organic farm which was not reclaimed from rain forest."

When is comes to these crazy theories in science, I rather take the side of the scientists that are not in the majority. The scientists that are usually the zealots are the ones that over look the facts and ignores the evidence. That is because they need to believe in their theory even if it isn't true. It has become a religion to them. Evolution is a religion, and so is Global Warming.

At this site, someone claims that almost no scientists are coming out against Global Warming.

"Well for one thing there aren't very many. There are virtually no climate scientists who dispute that humans are causing global warming. There are a few who dispute that future warming will be particularly dangerous."

This statement is incorrect, because according to what was released on May 19th, over 31,000 scientists signed a petition against Global Warming.

Just like with the theory of evolution where people get fired for not believing it, that would apply to the scientists that don't support Global Warming. Some governments are too involved with passing laws in support of it. Global Warming is a way that the environmental groups can get what they want. People in this country always believes in science as absolute without every questioning it.

"Now, according to three new studies published in the journal Science, it turns out those conclusions based on satellite and weather balloon data were based on faulty analyses."

Don't believe everything you read just because someone calls it science!!


@bdul muHib August 13, 2009 at 9:10 AM  

It *is* true. The same crazies that are Evolution Deniers also deny our role in Global Climate Change. Not only have the Discovery Institute fellows have signed on to those ideas recently, but they've also begun denying that HIV causes AIDS. These guys are loads of fun!

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