Vote Scott Brown for Massachusetts State Senate

>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If you are hoping that Obamacare gets defeated, you might hope that Scott Brown wins Ted Kennedy's old seat. I think one of the reasons why the democrats are pushing so hard to get this bill through is because they don't want to risk Scott Brown getting elected to stop this nightmarish healthcare bill. Even Governor Schwarzenegger is against the health care bill. The fact is that many governors are against this bill because they realize that this bill won't be good for their states and even many democratic governors are against this bill. Is Obama listening? Of course not because he is not to concerned about what the public is saying. I suggest that Massachusetts elect Scott Brown so the Democratic party isn't in absolute control anymore. Even if you are a Democrat, you should want some accountability and with the Democrats in control of the Senate, House and Legislative branch, there is no accountability. They don't seem to care what the people are saying that is for sure.


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