First Life: Where did it come from? Part 16

>> Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Life: Where did it come from?
The Naturalistic Evolutionary Model:An Intelligent Design -
Young Earth/Cataclysm Model:

Complex pre-biotic compounds and highly complex organic molecular structures will naturally and randomly occur from inorganic compounds. These combinations will show the potentiality of self-replication.

Organic structures will defy experimental and descriptive attempts to define paths from inorganic compounds;
these will not occur naturally.

Under experimentally controlled laboratory conditions chemical mixtures have been shown to form sub-organic particles including certain amino acids (the sub-elements of proteins, which, in turn, are the building blocks to life). The most famous of these experiments are the Miller-Urey experiments of the1950’s. However, the controlled chemical environments used in these intelligently designed experiments are not believed to have existed on the earth at any stage in its history. Had the amino acids that were formed in these experiments not been separated from the mix, then they would have been destroyed by the continued application of electrical charges that had helped them form in the first place. The presence of oxygen in these experiments, an element now believed to have been present in the original earth’s atmosphere, would have ruined any positive results by oxidation or explosion.

One evolutionary scientist estimated that the random possibility of forming one particular protein from a soup containing all of the necessary amino acids was 1 in 10200 . If all the atoms of the earth including it’s atmosphere were to react at least once every second for a billion years, there would be far less then 1070 reactions. Therefore to randomly form only one protein is impossible. How would nature accidentally form the 300 to 600 discrete proteins needed to form the first hypothetical cell in the same pre-biotic “soup” even if the “soup” had the advantage of having all of the 20 or more amino acids in the abundant and proportional quantities needed to form these proteins?

The elements formed in these and similar experiments are as far away from writing the genetic code for the simplest proposed life forms as random words in alphabet soup are from writing the Encyclopedia Britannica.

If the thousands of chemical elements in real cells were present in some “soup”, these would chemically react with each other and eliminate any possibility of forming a cell. The bonding affinities anticipated among chemical elements, which would allow cell structures to naturally form in hypothetical “soups”, have been contradicted by experiment. For example, some evolutionary scientists were disappointed to find that the pre-biotic compounds that might have formed in a warm volcanic pool actually bonded to the mud and were therefore not able to create the simplest of elements that could in turn have served as building blocks for biological compounds.

It is beyond all reason to think that chance processes could produce a membrane-encased, self-reproducing, energy synthesizing, metabolizing, living cell. There is no evidence that any stable states exist between the assumed naturalistic formation of proteins and the formation of the first living cells…the fantastic jump in complexity could not have happened even if the entire universe had been filled with proteins.
(paraphrased from Brown In the Beginning p.12.)

Biogenesis has defied explanation to the degree that some well-reputed evolutionists (including Dawkins) have proposed that first life was seeded on earth by extraterrestrials. This only begs the question of the origin of these extraterrestrials, not to mention their ability to travel across space and time…


Human Ape January 17, 2010 at 10:10 PM  

What's your point? Do you think the magic man did it? If that's your solution to this scientific problem, don't you think that's a very childish idea?

There's no magic in the universe mister. If you want to pretend there's magic, read a Harry Potter book. Here in the real world we don't need your abracadabra idiocy.

Greg January 17, 2010 at 11:16 PM  

Why are you people so idiotic? Seriously...don't you have a brain? What do you think evolution is? Isn't it magic to say that randomness can bring order? Why is it that you morons can't concentrate on the facts instead of stupid comments? Serously..The majority of the people in the world believe in God and if you call that magic, then magic it is. An Intelligence greater than you created you, and if you don't want to believe it, then believe in the impossible (evolution). I don't really care. If you don't want to read the truth, then don't visit my blog.

Greg January 17, 2010 at 11:18 PM  

I have also noticed that your blog doesn't allow people's comments. That just shows me that you can spout crap, but don't want anybody to challenge you. Interesting...

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