Party Like a Rockstar!

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have you heard of the new reality show called truTV's Rehab? This is a great new show that is premiering on September 1st. This show will be considered one of the hottest parties around. One of the cool parties that I went to was when I lived in San Diego and there was this hot party on the beach. At this party, people became engaged any many fouls like getting drunk. This show is just like real life drama which what makes it interesting. People on this show will probably engage themselves in many of the fouls that I have seen at real parties like getting drunk and getting in fights. This show isn’t like all the other reality shows because it more closely resembles real life television. You can have a chance to participate in this party by entering their sweepstakes at There grand prize is a trip to Law Vegas and a one year Hollywood Tanning package. You will also get a 12 bottle of lotion. They are giving away five first prizes which is a three month Hollywood tanning package. So what are you waiting for? You should check them out now to win a trip to Vegas.



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