Mutations: Do they increase information? Part 12

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

The Naturalistic Evolutionary Model:

An Intelligent Design-Young Earth/Cataclysm Model:

A mechanism for positive mutations that increases information to the genetic code must be discovered.

Mutations will not be capable of enriching the gene pool, but will lead to degeneration and information loss.

No mechanism that increases information to the genetic code has as yet been described or experimentally demonstrated.

Three thousand generations of radiated fruit flies gave many mutations leading to death or detriment to the species. None were positive. If there are zero positive mutations in 3000 generations, how many will there be in 100,000 generations? How about in 1,000,000?

The only supposedly positive mutations have been those, which cause loss of information to the genetic structure of a living being. There is the reported example of a species of beetle that lost the ability to fly due to mutation. The resulting sub-species was able to survive better then its peers due to changes in the environment.

The pictorial example given in the November 2004 edition of National Geographic in its defense of evolution showed an albino salamander as evidence for a mutated species. Is the loss of pigment capacity an indicator of a possible improvement in the gene structure? Does albinism improve viability of a species?

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