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>> Friday, August 26, 2011

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Since my daughter has started school, I was trying to figure out what type of phone to get her. I think a TracFone would be a great gift because it will allow her to keep in touch with me as she becomes one of the satisfied real TracFone customers. She can get so many features like calling her cousins in the Philippines by using the International Neighbor program. She can still get a video recorder, web access, app capability and all the other features that I know she would enjoy. The good thing is that she can use a prepaid card so I know how many minutes she will have. This is the cheapest way to get a phone in the U.S. I won't have to add her to a contract, she won't need a credit check, and there isn't any activation charges. She also will not have any cancelation fees. I always hated contracts because it ties me into something I might not want at a later date. This is a great way to get a phone that fits my needs, and not a companies needs. I can get her a brand name phone like a LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung which is a great way for her to be like the rest of the real TracFone customers. So if you want to be like the real TracFone customers, you should checkout the phone and see how it can improve your life.

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