Saturday Night Live Skit and Obama

>> Monday, November 2, 2009

This is a great skit about Obama's Presidency. What has Obama done for us while he has been in office.?

1) He promised to close Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (They are nowhere close to actually closing Gitmo.)

2) Reversed restrictions on stem cell research. (Stem cell research was already going on and it only allowed federal money to be used for embryonic stem cell research.)

3) Reduced discrimination based on gender, age, religion and race. (this created more lawsuits, and discrimination has increased since Obama was elected.)

4) Created a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners. (There are still many people foreclosing, and the people who actually have been paying their mortgage are getting penalized. Only the irresponsible are rewarded, not the responsible. That has always been the democratic way.)

5) Create a Stimulus plan with Joe Biden as the Overseer to increase jobs. (Since this has happened, the unemployment rate went to double digits when the Obama adminstration said unemployment would decrease.)

6) Directed military leaders to end the War in Iraq. (This hasn't happened yet, and was the same plan Bush had.)

7) Create a socialized health care plan. (This still hasn't happened, and I am hoping doesn't happen. You will get 5 years in prison if you don't purchase this plan. What a great idea. They will conduct health care raids to arrest people who don't have health insurance. And this will be our Christmas present according to Pelosi.)

Don't forget, liberalism is a mental disorder!!!!


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