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>> Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some people are confused on what my blog is about. People, multiple times, have gotten mad when I reference a website with information that supports my position. Let me make it clear that I am not a full time scientists. This blog is my opinion. My purpose with my blog is to give people some counter information to the Evolutionary propaganda that is all over the scientific community and the media. This blog is primarily for those people who are on the edge and want to know where to get more information on the Creationist Movement. I realize that the Atheist who worship science will never change their opinion no matter what, but I am pointing out that there is a lot of science that is objective and is derived from people's opinion. One person posted on my blog and said that anybody can throw crap on the Internet so I shouldn't be referencing the Internet as my source. That is true. There is a lot of crap on the Internet just like TrueOrigins and other Athiestic websites. My primary goal is to present the other view point for those of you who have never taken the time to understand Creationism. I don't believe that Evolutionist are objectively peer reviewing their work. I think that their Atheistic opinions and already Evolutionary foundation has influenced all of their scientific findings which causes them to present false information.

I also understand that Creationism can't be tested. I also believe that the majority of Evolutionary theory can't be tested as well. So both theories require some faith.

I am not a scientists. However, there are many scientists who do believe in Creationism. So if you are looking to really understand the Creationist movement and why so many scientists are abandoning the theory of Evolution, you should visit some of the Creationist sites or read some of their books. I have attached a Creationist resource for those of you looking to understand the truth.

Creationist Resource


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