Is Ben Stein's Documentary True-Expelled No Intelligence Allowed

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

People have attacked me because I have criticized science. You better not question the theory of evolution. The Atheist do not like their theory questioned and Ben Stein has demonstrated that in his documentary "Expelled No Intelligence Allowed". Ben Stein interviews the Atheists and the Intelligent Design people to get at the root of the issue. Of course, all of the Atheists are up in arms about it, but the fact is that true science is suppressed and replaced by false science. You must see the documentary if you want to get at the root of the Creationist/Evolutionist issue. Richard Dawkins would rather believe that we were created by Aliens than by God, and he thinks that the Creationist are the stupid ones. One Atheist said this,
"This film is entirely and totally dishonest from start to finish. If this transparent fraud is what the Creationist crowd has to offer, I have utmost confidence in my position that reality and science offers the best hope for the growth and inner peace for mankind."

What Creationist have to offer is true science. This Atheist obviously has no evidence to defend his faith, so he just attacks the film instead. He probably hasn't even seen it.


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