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>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

This post is for those of you who are interested in making money online by blogging.  You can make some money with adsense and other means, but I have found that you can make the most money with post advertising.  You can sign up with different companies and take what is called an "opportunity".  The opportunity will give you instructions on what the advertiser wants you to post on your blog.  The amount that they will pay you can range from 5 dollars to 30 dollars or maybe even more.  You will take certain opportunities based on your google or alexia rank and the higher the google rank, the better the opportunity you can get.  The "Pay per Post" community has also come out with their own ranking called the "Real Rank" which is another way to decide if they want to give you the opportunity.  Here are the steps you can do to start making money with your blog.

1)The first thing you need to do is to create a blog.  You can visit to create your blog.  I would recommend paying the 10 dollars to also get your own domain.  You don't have to be an expert writer or a journalist to have a blog.  You should spend some time to make sure your blog is grammatically correct though. You should think of a theme of your blog or make your blog general to talk about everyday things.  You should try and come up with a creative title too.  After you have your blog created, you should post a new post probably at least three times a week.  Pay Per Post requires you to have at least 10 post in a month before submitting your blog to them.  If you quote another website, you should remember to site your source. However, your post should be mostly original.

2)The higher the google rank, the better opportunities you will receive.  Therefore, you should submit your blog to google at 

3)You should also submit your blog to places that will analyze your traffic.  You can do this by submitting your blog to google analytics at this website:  I also use the sitemeter which is located at this site:

4)To increase the traffic on your blog, you should submit your blog to different aggregators.  People who become members of these aggregators will visit your blog.  You can submit your blog to blog catalog at: Here is a list of aggregators:
5)It might help you to get familiar with changing your layout and adding widgets.  You can add Google Adsense to your blog that will increase your income.  However, that will only matter if you are getting a lot of hits.

6)You can add code to your blog that will display your google rank or Alexa Rank that will let you see what your ranks are. and

7)You also might want to put a shout box on your blog.   Having a shoutbox allows you to network.  You will go to other people's blogs and put your information into their shoutbox, and in return, they will return to your blog.  In the beginning, this can increase your traffic on your blog.  To increase your page rank, you would want good blogs linking to your blog.   

8) The companies will pay you through your paypal account.  Therefore, you should open up a paypal account.  You will need to link it to your checking or savings account.  (

9)Most "Pay per Post" sites require that your blog is at least 3 months old.  After you have your blog up and running for three months, you can start submitting your blog to websites that will give you opportunities. These companies will have advertisers that will pay you five or more dollars to write a review about their product or website.  Usually the review will be about 200 words.  
Here is the list of sites that will give you opportunities:

10)After you start taking opportunities, you need to be a little concerned about losing your page rank. Sometimes Google might think that your blog is spam and will remove your page rank.  If that happens, the amount of opportunities will also dwindle.  It is kind of hard to predict when or why Google will take a person's page rank away because they don't tell you why.  
Here are some tips to prevent you from losing your pagerank:

Put the nofollow tags on your links for your opportunities.  Make sure that the advertise doesn't have a problem with you putting the nofollow tags.  Some advertisers would require you to add the nofollow tag.  You would add this to your link: rel="nofollow".  The nofollow tag tells google not to follow the link.
Don't put any text link ad scripts or broker links.
Remove any PayPerPost logos.
On the blogger disclosure, you may want to reword, remove or use an image.  PayPerPost requires a disclosure, but you might try and use an image.
e) If you do lose your pagerank, you can go to google and ask them to reconsider.  You can tell them that you improved your site and that they should reconsider your pagerank. You can do that by signing into google, and under tools, click request  reconsideration and follow the steps.

I hope this helps you to be a successful blogger.


Dhemz January 26, 2009 at 1:17 PM  

wow...what a long post here hon...thanks for sharing sure this will help to the new bloggers out there...:) love yah! great job! You're an expert now huh?

Cacai_Nad January 26, 2009 at 10:58 PM  

Hi, this is informative. AM on #2 of your tip and am so exhausted to read the site of:

Am in site map thingy, I don't know if I will be the one to compose it or should I just copy and paste it to my template editor or in my widget section? I need your help, I wanna increase my pagerank (PR) huhuhu. My eyes is about to crisscross for all the reading that they would not give directly the answer! whew! please help... hit me back..

Anyway, am your wife's acquaintance and I also put ur blog on my follow section. Again, hit me back, it drained my brain that I almost give-up. huhuhu

Anonymous February 3, 2009 at 3:42 AM  

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